Friday, October 15, 2010

Your my little chu-chi face

During those few precious quiet moments with Bug, when he was still tiny, sometimes I would hold his hand to my face while he was nursing. It was rare, since Monkey was usually trying to get my attention, but for me it was important... my link to my new baby boy.

Now it's been almost three years and I'm not sure when it happened, but Bug needs my face. Now that we've taken away his sippy cup and his pacifier, he wants his "mama cuggles" even more. I'm not so happy about that when his need for comfort means he's rubbing his hands all over my face at 3am, but I think it's worth the sacrifice. He's still my baby and I know that the day will come when he decides he's too big to cuddle with his mommy. So I'll take those "mama cuggles" for as long as I can get them.